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The South Coast of the Dominican Republic

Stretching east from the border, at Pedernales, with island neighbor, Haiti, to Bayahibe at the most eastern point, the South Coast of the Dominican Republic has an incredible amount of diversity to offer its many visitors. From the country's capital city, Santo Domingo, to popular resort communities with spectacular beaches, golf courses and marinas overlooking the Caribbean Sea the south coast offers a wide range of variety. Interspersed with these you'll find some of the country's larger cities and National Parks, giving you an opportunity to witness 'typical' Dominican city life, which celebrates their love for Malecón (boardwalk) strolling, Merengue music and dancing, and the Dominican national sport of baseball.

The destinations are ordered geographically going from east to west:

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Exchange Rate to the Dominican Peso on
Thu, 19 Oct 2017

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