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Windsurfing in the Dominican Republic

While beginner to intermediate windsurfing can be practiced all over the Dominican Republic, Cabarete is the premiere spot for this sport. In fact, it was windsurfing that put Cabarete on the world windsurfing map in the late 80's. Ranked among the 10 best locations in the world, Cabarete is where it's at for this exciting sport. Cabarete Bay and the surrounding area provide fantastic conditions for every level of sailor. The Eastern Trade Winds blow side-shore (right to left) across the Bay. The winds are light in the morning, which is perfect for beginners and light-wind sailing. As the day goes on, the winds pick up, providing waves and high-wind sailing conditions. The outer reef surrounding Cabarete Bay provides protection for those within the bay, as well as a playground for wave sailing and jumping, for those higher-level sailors. The winds tend to be a little lighter in the winter but this is when swell/waves are generally at their biggest. The summer tends to provide flatter waters and stronger wind conditions. There are numerous windsurfing centers located right in the bay for easy rigging and direct launch from the beach. These centers offer all levels of instruction, and rent, store and sell windsurfing equipment.

Many hotels and resorts at destinations all over the Dominican Republic offer beginner to intermediate level windsurfing gear for their guests. Many offer lessons/instruction as well. If you are going to a destination other than Cabarete (or not near to Cabarete), and are interested in participating in windsurfing, check with your hotel/resort to find out if they offer windsurfing equipment use.

There are currently 2 listings in this category.

happyCabarete Windsports Club - WINDSURFING in Cabarete
We have all you need for a perfect windsurfing or kitesurfing vacation: gear, lessons, and storage; excellent accommodations; a beach restaurant and bar, and lots more...

cabaretewindsurfingCabareteWindsurfing.com - WINDSURFING in Cabarete
Portal website for windsurfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, containing windsurf centers, lodging, maps, and lots more.

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