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General Visitor Information
  This section contains general info about the Dominican Republic, such as its location, maps, climate, flora and fauna, geography, history and elements of its society. It also contains more specific travel info such as how to get here, when and where to go, all the travel logistics and how to prepare.

Destination Guide
  This section gives you all the info about the wonderful tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic.

Where to Stay
  A list of hotels, villas and other sorts of accommodation.

Things to do
  While you vacation in the Dominican Republic you'll certainly want to do a few things, such as a sporting activities, adventure tours, shopping, rent a car to explore the country, dine out and dance the night away. This section describes the many choices you have.

Real Estate and Law
  There are great opportunities for investing in the Dominican Republic. This section will give you a list of things to consider before purchasing real estate. It also has a list of reputable real estate agents and lawyers that can help you make the right choice.

Special Stuff on Hispaniola.com
  These are things that, for some reason, do not fit into any other category. You'll find some of the things in here that made Hispaniola.com famous, such as our Talking Phrase Book and the Message Board, a very practical Currency Converter, and our Dominican Product Store.

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