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Communications in the Dominican Republic

Visitors to the Dominican Republic shouldn't experience any trouble staying in touch and getting news from home. The Dominican Republic's telecommunication system is pretty much as up to date and efficient as in North America. TV, some print materials (magazines & newspapers) and Internet access are also widely available.


Most of the middle to higher-end hotels and resorts offer television with cable or satellite in your room. Some bars/restaurants in tourism destinations offer satellite TV coverage and promote large sporting events, like the US Superbowl, World Football matches, professional boxing matches, etc.


A few of the larger American and European newspapers and magazines can be found at some supermarkets and hotel gift shops in the larger tourism destinations. Another way to keep up with world news, and try to learn a little Spanish at the same time, is by looking at the Dominican Republic newspapers found at local shops. There are a wide variety of Dominican Republic newspapers to choose from. Listin Diario & El Caribe are the largest and are based in the capital of Santo Domingo. They cover both national and major international news.


The phone system in the Dominican Republic is similar to that found in the US or Canada. The country's area code is +1-809 and +1-829, and you can dial directly to and from the USA and Canada by first dialing 1, the area code, and then the number. Calling elsewhere will require the country code be dialed as well. Verizon and Tricom are the largest local telephone companies. In addition to their local communications offices (found in most larger resort areas/towns/cities), many hotels and most Internet cafes offer phones to make long distance calls or send/receive faxes. Long distance rates are fairly reasonable and are generally posted for the most commonly called areas.

If you notice public telephones at your destination, you can purchase phone cards in various denominations at one of the local stores and make local and international calls from these.

Cellular/Mobile Phones

Cellular/mobile phones operate in the Dominican Republic at "CDMA", 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHZ frequency. This covers just about any mobile phone in the world.


Before leaving your country make sure you ask your telecommunications provider about your mobile/cellular phone's roaming ability. Here are links to the main companies you will probably end up connecting through:

For more info about GSM connectivity, please heck out this site: gsmworld.com


In most tourism destinations and cities there is an assortment of Internet cafes offering computer use and Internet access. In addition, many of the larger hotels/resorts offer Internet access on site, including wireless, and some offer rooms with high-speed DSL Internet connection for personal laptops.

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